Do you often wake up with a sore jaw or tension headaches? Do you notice signs of wear on your teeth or have you recently undergone restorative dental work? If so, an occlusal bite guard might be your smile’s best friend. Let’s talk about it!

What Are Occlusal Bite Guards?

First things first, what exactly are occlusal bite guards? Think of them as protective shields for your teeth, especially during nighttime. These custom-made oral appliances are designed to fit snugly over your upper or lower teeth. Also, they act as a barrier, preventing your upper and lower teeth from coming into direct contact.

Why Are Occlusal Bite Guards Important?

  1. Preventing Clenching and Grinding: Many people unconsciously clench or grind their teeth during sleep, a condition known as bruxism. This repetitive motion can lead to a host of issues, including headaches, facial muscle aches, and tooth damage. Occlusal bite guards serve as a cushion, absorbing the force generated during teeth grinding and clenching, sparing your teeth and jaw from unnecessary strain.
  2. Preserving Dental Restorations: If you’ve invested in restorative dental work like crowns or veneers, protecting that investment is crucial. Occlusal bite guards prevent fractures and damage to these restorations, ensuring they last longer and maintain their appearance.
  3. Evening Out Your Bite: Sometimes, an uneven bite can lead to various dental problems. Occlusal bite guards can help in adjusting and optimizing your bite, reducing the risk of issues such as jaw pain and uneven tooth wear.

The Process of Getting an Occlusal Bite Guard

  1. Impression or Digital Scan: Your dentist, Dr.Khetarpal, will take an impression or a digital scan of your teeth. This step ensures that your bite guard will be custom-made to fit your unique dental anatomy.
  2. Fabrication: The impression or scan is sent to a dental laboratory, where your occlusal bite guard is crafted with precision. It’s typically made of a hard acrylic material for durability.
  3. Custom Fitting: Once your bite guard is ready, Dr.Khetarpal will adjust it to ensure a comfortable and secure fit before delivery. It should sit snugly over your teeth without causing discomfort.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your occlusal bite guard in top-notch condition. Make sure you do regular cleanings- bring your bite guard to your preventative hygiene visits so that our team can clean it thoroughly. Keeping it clean is essential for your oral health.

Final Notes

To conclude, an occlusal bite guard is a valuable tool in protecting your smile and ensuring your overall oral health. If you suspect you’re clenching or grinding your teeth or have recently undergone dental restorations, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Khetarpal about the benefits of an occlusal bite guard. Your smile will thank you for it! 🙂