Needing to know the differences between the two types of dentures? Well, you have clicked on the right place because we are the experts here at Cincy Dentist. We will delve into the two primary types that we offer- partial and full dentures. Dr. Khetarpal, our experienced dentist, recommends metal framework partials for durability and implant-retained dentures for stability and long-term solutions. Let’s explore why!

Partial Dentures- Restoring Function and Aesthetics:

When multiple teeth are missing, a partial denture serves as an excellent solution. Not only does it help improve chewing ability, but it also restores a natural smile and prevents adjacent teeth from shifting. Some patients opt for a partial denture as a short-term solution while planning to transition to implants for a more permanent restoration. Dr. Khetarpal’s preferred approach involves creating metal framework partials, known for their durability and longevity. These partial dentures provide optimal strength and stability for long-term oral health.

Full Dentures- The Ideal Option for Complete Tooth Loss:

In cases where complete tooth loss is inevitable, full dentures offer the best solution. However, to achieve the most favorable outcome, Dr. Khetarpal recommends dentures that are retained by implants. By utilizing implants, we can prevent jaw bone degradation and maintain a fuller facial appearance. Implant-retained dentures provide stability, allowing patients to enjoy enhanced oral function and improved quality of life. At Cincy Dentist, we collaborate with skilled surgeons in the area to provide comprehensive care, ensuring successful implant placement. Furthermore, we work closely with a local lab to deliver high-quality denture restorations tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Cool, right?

Don’t forget to take care of your dentures! Read all the important tips to making sure your dentures last a lifetime. 

To Sum it Up:

Partial and full dentures are excellent options for patients with multiple or complete tooth loss. Make sure to ask the professionals what is right for you. Explore all of our services as we prioritize functionality, aesthetics, and long-term oral health. If you are around the Cincinnati area, trust us to provide comprehensive care, collaborate with specialists, and use high-quality restorations to restore your smile, confidence, and oral well-being!