In the past, it was generally accepted that fluoride should be mainly used for children whose developing teeth fluoride helped the most. But through the years, more research has been done and fluoride is being shown to help prevent tooth decay in people of all ages.

I have seen it work! Each treatment plan is customized to you. Some people do great with over the counter fluoride rinses and others with in-office fluoride varnish treatments every 6 months. If we have spent hours and thousands of dollars on your smile then let’s prevent decay with fluoride varnish treatments.

These are a few things we look for when providing in office fluoride varnish treatments:

  • High/Moderate cavity risk.
  • Frequent sugar intake
  • Dry mouth
  • Multiple crowns/bridges/fillings
  • Root exposure (with or without sensitivity)
  • Generalized sensitivity

Check out this website to learn more about fluoride.

Have a great day and a wonderful 2017!