Cincinnati dentistI tell my patients that I’m not going to get rich by selling sonicare toothbrushes and waterpiks to them. So, why do we recommend them daily to our patients?  In our practice we have seen a marked decrease in inflammation and bleeding in our patients that use these adjunctive products.  The analogy that I give to my patients is that the modern dyson vacuum cleaner has changed the way we clean our homes versus sweeping and collecting piles of dust by hand.

The power at which the eleCincinnati dentistctric dental products remove bacteria is quite remarkable. It is the removal of oral bacteria which decreases inflammation and then in turn prevents bone loss and dental caries.

Did I mention that Dental Cavities are the #1 preventable infectious disease in the World?! Yes, your cavities are preventable and this is the message as dental professionals that we try to shout at the top of our lungs. With the use of adjective dental products, messaging from product companies and education from healthcare professionals we hope to prevent the most preventable disease.